Stormwater and sewage network study of the Communities of Ekali, Drosia, Stamata, Rodopoli, Anixi, Ag.Stefanos, Dionisos and Krioneri

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Project description

The drainage works study consists of the stormwater and sewage network design.


The project areas belong to the Municipality of Ag.Stefanos and the Communities of Ekali, Drosia, Stamata, Rodopoli, Anixi, Dionisos and Krioneri. The study areas are situated in the upstream part of the northern suburbs of the Attica basin and they have 12 basic streams, 7 of which fall into Kifissos river and the other 5 in the lake of Marathonas (Haradros river basin).
Major design problems were erosion and high sediment yield. The project design takes into account the environmental protection restrictions of the surrounding area.
The main stormwater network technical works are:
- Circular pipes and maintainance, junction and drop manholes.
- Rectangular pipes (open and closed), maintainance, junction and drop manholes
- Flood regulation and sediment control weirs
- Slope and river bed lining
The main sewage network technical works are:
- Circular pipes Φ200 - Φ315
- Maintainance, junction and drop manholes

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