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Our services cover a full aspect of required expertise in hydraulic and water related projects, including geotechnical, environmental and structural engineering.

Our company has been involved in the feasibility, design, tendering and construction supervision of some of the most significant water supply schemes in Greece and in Cyprus, including pipelines, pipeline tunnels, water treatment works, dams and reservoirs.Our fields of expertise apply to:

Water distribution networks and mains
Internal and external water supply networks
Water treatment plants
Stormwater networks
Flood protection works
Highway drainage and flood protection
River training and management
Large scale irrigation networks and relative works
Water tunnels
Subsea diffusion pipelines
Land reclamation
Sedimentation engineering


Sewage networks
Wastewater treatment plants
Wastewater recycling

Water Resources Management & Sustainable development

River basin management planning (RBMP’s) and water resource integrated management.
EU “Water Framework Directive” 2000/60 implementation and application
EU “Floods Directive” 60/2007 implementation and application
climate change mitigation

Water market research

Water market research, focus groups, stakeholder interviews, surveys


Hydrological studies including advanced modeling and research, for all water related projects.

Dams and Reservoirs
Our company has significant experience in the feasibility, optimal design, tenders and construction supervision of dams and reservoirs, including appurtenant infrastructure like:

diversion works (tunnels, tubes)
drainage tunnels
water intake works


Renewable resources - Hydropower


Environmental studies and impact assessments (EIA) regarding environmental aspects of hydraulic and water resources projects

Geographical Information Systems

GIS applications for all water and environmental related works and models
GIS tools development - research

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM applications for engineering projects


Geotechnical interpretation and assessment for water related projects


Structural design for water related structures


Surveying engineering for water related projects

Capacity building

Capacity development, training, knowledge transfer, workshops, consultation of public and private clients

Project Management
Project management services for the construction of major hydraulic works such as:

Construction supervision (site supervision, construction management, inspection, testing, commissioning, safety, quality)
Cost management (construction cost data, whole life cost analysis)
Quality plans, control and audits and complete quality management systems
Risk analysis
Continual client support

Tender documents

Tender documents preparation following the final design stage

Health & Safety Plans

Health & Safety Plans preparation following the final design stage, according to the Hellenic legislation


Procurement documents and tender management for national bids
Pre-contract reviews and advice

Software development

Hydroinformatics applications, including all aspects of advanced numerical modeling, such as the basic research, design, development, calibration and evaluation of models.
Numerous in house developed applications and software, constantly re-assessed and calibrated upon real-time data.

Project finance

Advice and support to the Public Sector for funding applications (EU/private)


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