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Design of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the city of Karditsa

Preliminary Design and Tender Documents of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the city of Karditsa. Environmental Assessment Study

Design of the sewer network of the Karditsomagoula and Artesiano areas in the Municipality of Karditsa

General Planning of the Sewer Network. General Planning of the determination of upgrade works needed at the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant. Final Design and Tender Document preparation of parts of the sewer network of the Karditsomagoula and Artesiano areas in the Municipality of Karditsa. Environmental Assessment Study

Technical Consultant for submitting proposal in EPPERAA for the treatment and disposal of sewage sludge

Consultant for assisting DEYAK in the preparation of the application file and the submition of the relevant application for funding of the Treatment and Disposal of Sewage Sludge works of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of the Municipality of Karditsa. General plans and basic design plans of proposed works. Assistance in Project Data documentation (scope determination, losses estimation report etc).
The Technical Consultant assisted in:

Implemetation of RBMP's at the river basins districts of Peloponnese, European Comission's Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC, Act 3199/2003 and P.D. 51/2007

This study was separated at three phases. The documents required at each phase were:
A Phase
- The identification of appropriate competent authorities
- Register of protected areas
- Economic analysis of water uses. Recovery of the costs of water services including environmental and resource costs
- Alternative proposals of flexible water pricing policies
- Characterisation and typology of surface water bodies. Initial and further characterisation of groundwater bodies.

Environmental flood protection works in urban areas - Adjustment of Xerias stream in Korinthos

Xerias river basin has an area of 174 km2 and extends from the town of Korinthos (North) to the Southern districts of the Korinthos Prefecture, at the frontier with Argolida. Xerias river flow is seasonal with intense fluctuations. The January 1997 storms caused serious disasters.
The works included:
- Open and closed parts combination with composite concrete/steel sections, 1330m long.

Technical Consultant for the preparation of a water supply masterplan for the island of Lesvos

A set of necessary works are suggested, along with water conservation and environmental objective target measures.
A full exploration of possible solutions is carried out in the Water Resources Management study, including hydrological and resources modeling.
The works proposed include
    o Dam 56m high, earthfill
    o Dam 32m high, earthfill or RCC
    o Water treatment Works (major) for 100.000 EP
    o Water treatment Works (secondary) for 40.000 EP

Design of the water supply extension of the Aposelemis dam pipelines to Agios Nikolaos

The project involves the construction of a 90Km long external pipeline from the Aposelemis Dam water treatment plant to Agios Nikolaos, covering potable water needs to various settlements along the aquedact. The pipelines include numerous related infrastructure such as control tanks and devices and pumping stations.

Karla natural lake refill

The project mainly consists of a water resources management study. The Karla basin (1,000km2) with its current status and use of surface and underground resources is evaluated.
Part of the current use is pumping of subsurface water for the supply of the greater Volos area, the largest nearby city with a projected future population of 150,000.
- In this study the water budget was examined, taking into consideration all surface and underground resources, along with the river Pinios flows

Design of the Smokovo irrigation network

Designed works include:
- A main water intake steelpipe is 2500mm, combined with a hydroeletric power generation plant.
- Three main delivery pipelines are provided with diameters of 1600, 1400 and 1200mm. Material proposed is steel. Total length of the main pipelines is 47km.
- The pipeline design includes all main pipelines.
- The network also incorporates numerous regulating devices and management installations, in order to ensure optimal operation.
- The area covered is 25.200 ha (252 km2).


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