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Masterplan for the diversion works considering hydrologic data, environmental issues and hydro-power energy use
The project comprises of 5 discrete phases: - Data entry and processing - Software and equipment supply for web... + details
It is a rockfill dam with clay core, 77m high and 560m crest length. The total volume of the dam is 2.700.000m3. The... + details
This study was separated at three phases. The documents required at each phase were: A Phase - The identification of... + details
The project seeks to provide a specific, actionable plan for combating desertification based on emerging technologies... + details
The new Patra - Pyrgos - Tsakona (PAPYTSA) Motorway follows, in general terms, the same route as the existing road. It... + details
Xerias river basin has an area of 174 km2 and extends from the town of Korinthos (North) to the Southern districts of... + details
This project is part of the reallocation plan for the plain. Therefore the existing irrigation system is fully... + details
Design revision was necessary due to the network’s extension. The works included: - The total network (old and new)... + details


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