Karla natural lake refill

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Project description

The natural lake of Karla was dried and used from the 50s onwards for agricultural activities. The scope of this project is to evaluate the possibility of refilling a part of the lake, in order to restore its original environmental and hydrological conditions, and also to strengthen the Pinios valley hydrogeological potential.


The project mainly consists of a water resources management study. The Karla basin (1,000km2) with its current status and use of surface and underground resources is evaluated.
Part of the current use is pumping of subsurface water for the supply of the greater Volos area, the largest nearby city with a projected future population of 150,000.
- In this study the water budget was examined, taking into consideration all surface and underground resources, along with the river Pinios flows
- Measures for the restoration of the heavily affected subsurface water body of the area were proposed, in conjuction with a proposal for the water supply of Volos
- Water supply, irrigation and flood protection works were also proposed
- A water resources management plan was submitted

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