Revision of the Volos water supply network study

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Project description

Revision of the final study of the Volos water supply network


The revision concerns the pipe material, slight alteration of the pressure zones and details regarding the operational structure of the network, in order to facilitate water leak detection efforts.
The design specification require the implementation of proper measuring gauges and control devices, intended for the central SCADA automated network management and the facilitation of leakage detection.
The works include:
 - The model size is 10400 nodes and 15675 links, with a total length of 745km
 - The operational structure of the network consists of 28 separate control zones, under 3 different pressure zones
 - The previous study models and database were revised and enhanced to modern formats, taking into consideration the parts of the study that had already been applied
 - The EU funding specifications requested for a clear marking of existing, to be replaced and to be extended sections of the network.

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