Technical consultant for the Amira-Ag Vassilios dam

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Project description

Scope of the project is to utilize the, 21.65 Km2, Arvi stream basin with 1.28 x 106 m3 average annual flow in order to irrigate the downstream areas. The dam capacity is 740.000 m3. The construction works area belongs to the Heraklion Prefecture, Viannos province in the island of Crete and it is situated in the land property of Amira and Ag Vassilios settlements.


The project consists of the following individual works:
- The main embankment dam
- The spillway (collector, spillway canal, flip bucket, plunge pool)
- The diversion works which are combined with the intake and reservoir evacuation works.
- The dam is 48 m heigh with an impermeable core. The embankment cross section is trapezoid with a 2:1 (v:h) slope inclination and upstream-downstream berm provision.
- The diversion works are formed prior to the main fill construction. The 4mx4m rectangular culvert is 377 m long.
- The intake structure coincides with the diversion culvert. For the intake needs a 11,5 m high, D1000, tower will be constructed..
- The side spillway consists of the ogee crest, the spillway collector and canal, a flip bucket and the plunge pool.

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