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Software development for the operation of the National Data Bank of Hydrological & Meteorological Information (NDBHMI - 3rd Phase) using GIS - Publish of the Database

The project comprises of 5 discrete phases:
- Data entry and processing
- Software and equipment supply for web operation
- Automatic Telemetric Meteorogical Station Network
- Locate position using GPS
- Consulting and Project Management - Technical Suppport - Capacity Building

i-adapt: Innovative approaches to halt desertification in Pinios. Piloting emerging technologies

The project seeks to provide a specific, actionable plan for combating desertification based on emerging technologies piloted in parts of the basin and quantify the expected impact of this plan on the water balance and local economy.
Specific project objectives include:
1.Engage stakeholders to identify major impacts of desertification in Pinios and existing applications of new technologies and techniques (agriculture).
2. Identify and assess the effectiveness of all existing initiatives, pilots and experimental applications of new technologies.

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