Project description


Highway, junction, overpass, underpass, bridge and tunnel stormwater and drainage systems design.
This section is part of the New National Higway upgrade (ΠΑΘΕ) and will facilitate the connection of Ag.Marina, Stylida, Karavomilos, Ahinos, Avlaki and Raches settlemets.


The stormwater and drainage works design of the 180km2 basin refer to :

  • The main higway, 19.235 km long
  • Three (3) tunnels,
  • Four (4) valley bridges,
  • One (1) bridge (Vellias stream)
  • Three (3) overpasses
  • Eleven (11) underpasses.
  • Three (3) interchanges : (α) Ag. Marinas - Stylidas(β) Stylidas - Karavomilou (γ) Karavomilou - Ahinou.
  • Sideways and other local roads
  • Temporary works during construction period.

Services: Design
Design Stage: Final Design, Health & Safety Plans, Preliminary Design, Procurement, Tender Documents
Expertise: Health & Safety Plans, Procurement, Tender Documents, Water
Country: Greece
Region: Sterea Ellada Prefecture
Client: Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works
Services provided

  • Hydrologic Study
  • Design of stormwater drainage systems for:
  • the highway, its sideways and slopes,
  • interchanges, underpasses and overpasses.
  • Design of tunnel drainage system
  • Design of culverts

Services current status: Completed
Construction Progress: Under construction


38.9031, 22.5665

38.8847, 22.7685