Experts in Hydraulics, Water Resources & Environmental Management

Reliable, innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions

Engineering Consultant Services and Design

Multi-disciplined engineering design and consulting

Specialized services in several Civil and Environmental Engineering fields

Technical excellence to all design implementation stages

Client-focused solutions delivered on time according to the highest standards

Economically sound, safe, state-of-the-art solutions

Eco-friendly, high quality solutions to complex large-scale infrastructure needs

Contribution to natural environment protection and modern society sensitivity

Services from pre-planning to detailed design, construction and ongoing support

Ongoing extensive knowledge, technical expertise and experience


We have extended experience in technical and management consulting services and construction supervision for major hydraulic structures


We offer Civil and Environmental design and planning services at all implementation stages


We are participating in research projects in collaboration with scientific institutions. We continuously contribute to water related technological and scientific tools innovations


The project seeks to provide a specific, actionable plan for combating... + details

The project includes the Gadoura dam and appurtenant works... + details

The dam is 56 m heigh. It is of rockfill type with an impervious clay core,... + details

The purpose of the studies was the rehabilitation and extension of existing water... + details

Designed works include:
- A main water intake steelpipe... + details

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