Project description


Study for the design of the dam, in order to ensure water availability for the operational purposes of the Porto-Carras resort complex.


The project includes the dam, spillway and energy dissipation, water intakes and road access.
The dam and reservoir lies within the private Porto-Carras areas. The main structures are:

  • a lean RCC dam with a height of 32m and volume ~40.000 m3
  • a spillway with capacity 330m3/s
  • a 4 level water intake structure

The reservoir has total capacity ~1.000.000m3


Services: Design
Design Stage: Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design
Expertise: Dams and Reservoirs, Hydrology, Project Management
Country: Greece
Region: Halkidiki
Client: Porto-Carras SA
Services provided

Feasibility/Prelimenary  study.

  • Evaluation of alternative solutions
  • Cost - efficiency evaluation
  • Hydrological study
  • RCC dam and appurtenat structures  design


The most up to date lean RCC technology specifications were applied for this project . In the design process, several modern IT tools were used, such as advanced hydrological modeling, CAD and GIS, hydraulic calculations, etc. Several issues such as RCC mixture specifications had to be considered.

Services current status: Completed


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