Extension of the water supply network of Karditsa


Project description


Design of the network’s extension, as new areas are being subsumed in the Karditsa city plan.


Design revision was necessary due to the network’s extension. The works included:

  • The total network (old and new) consists of 2683 nodes and 3273 links.
  • The range of selected diameters is varied between 60mm to 600mm of 120 Km total length.
  • The design needs of the client required the provision and specification of measuring and control devices, water leakage detection and SCADA automated network control.

Services: Design
Design Stage: Final Design, Procurement, Tender Documents
Expertise: Geographical Information Systems, Procurement, Project Management, Water
Country: Greece
Region: Thessaly, Karditsa Prefecture, Karditsa city
Client: Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage of Κarditsa
Services provided

  • Hydraulic modeling and final design of the water sypply network of the city of Karditsa
  • Preparation of tender documents


The project implementation was made by using the most up-to-date design methods and more specifically with GIS applications in cooperation with pressure network modelling software.
 The geodatabase prepared for the project is suitable for the application of modern tools and SCADA control.
Equipment, control structures and isolated sectors of the network were simulated in the hydraulic model, in order to assess water leakage detection capabilities.

Services current status: Completed
Construction progress: Constructed


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