Design of the Smokovo irrigation network


Project description


The project involves the construction of a an extended irrigation netowrk in the area of Smokovo, receiving water from the Smokovo dam.
The network is to be constructed using closed pressure pipes.
The network is designed to optimize cost, minimize losses and ensure proper water management in an area that is regarded fragile, in terms of available water resources.


Designed works include:

  • A main water intake steelpipe is 2500mm, combined with a hydroeletric power generation plant.
  • Three main delivery pipelines are provided with diameters of 1600, 1400 and 1200mm. Material proposed is steel. Total length of the main pipelines is 47km.
  • The pipeline design includes all main pipelines.
  • The network also incorporates numerous regulating devices and management installations, in order to ensure optimal operation.
  • The area covered is 25.200 ha (252 km2).


Services: Design
Design Stage: Feasibility Study, Final Design, Health & Safety Plans, Masterplan, Procurement, Tender Documents
Expertise: Environmental, Geotechnical, Health & Safety Plans, Irrigation, Procurement, Project Management, Tender Documents
Country: Greece
Region: Thessalia Prefecture
Client: Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works
Services provided

Design services for the full aspect necessary to proceed with construction bidding:

  • Masterplan and Feasibility study
  • Final Irrigation Design study
  • Environmental assesment
  • Geotechnical interpretation
  • Tender documents
  • Health and Safety

Services current status: Completed
Construction progress: Partially constructed


39.1964, 22.1467