Project description


Design services for the full aspect necessary to proceed with construction bidding
Two seperate contracts for the Athens area water supply works design:

  • The project involves the construction of an external pipeline for the upgrade of Marathonas – Galatsi water treatment plant water supply network.
  • Water works design in order to connect, via Mpogiatiou water tunnel, Marathonas reservoir with the Athens central water treatment plant.


Designed works include:

  • A main 6.25Km long external pipeline with diameter 1700mm and 5.5 m3/sec flow rate.
    • Capacity audit of the 13Km long Mpogiatiou water tunnel (constructed in 1930) for flow rate Q=10.0 m3/sec.

Design of:

  • The grit removal tank
  • Power plant station including a water energy production turbine and a D1700mm pipe.
  • A regulation water tank for the hydroelectric power plant.
  • Untreated water pump station (Q=5.0 m3/sec, 5400 KW)
  • Treated water pump station (Q=2.0 m3/sec) 

Services: Design
Design Stage: Final Design, Procurement, Tender Documents
Expertise: Procurement, Project Management, Tender Documents, Water
Country: Greece
Region: Attiki Prefecture, Athens
Client: Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP SA)
Services provided

  • Water supply works final design
  • Tender Documents

Services current status: Completed
Construction progress: Partially constructed


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