Jan 13 By admin papytsa
The new Patra - Pyrgos - Tsakona (PAPYTSA) Motorway follows, in general terms, the same route as the…
Jan 12 By admin karditsa
Design revision was necessary due to the network’s extension.
Jan 12 By admin serres-1
This project is part of the reallocation plan for the plain.
Jan 12 By admin iadapt-1
The project seeks to provide a specific, actionable plan for combating desertification based on emerging…
Jan 12 By admin peloponnese-1
This study was separated at three phases. The documents required at each phase were: A Phase The…
Jan 12 By admin data-1
The project comprises of 5 discrete phases: Data entry and processing. Software and equipment supply for…
Jan 11 By admin pikermi-1
Main and secondary sewer network design.
Jan 11 By admin kalyvia-1
Design of an ~118Km extension sewer network.