Technical Consultant for the preparation of a water supply masterplan for the island of Lesvos

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Project description

The masterplan explores the water resources management scenarios, in order to secure a potable water supply for an expected population of 90.000 people.


A set of necessary works are suggested, along with water conservation and environmental objective target measures.
A full exploration of possible solutions is carried out in the Water Resources Management study, including hydrological and resources modeling.
The works proposed include
    o Dam 56m high, earthfill
    o Dam 32m high, earthfill or RCC
    o Water treatment Works (major) for 100.000 EP
    o Water treatment Works (secondary) for 40.000 EP
    o a total around 130km, diameters 600 to 900mm, including an interconnecting pipe for the two dam pipelines.
    o Storage structures, pumping stations, distribution networks
    o A pipeline tunnel, 3.5 km long
 - All environmental impact is assessed.

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