Design of the water supply extension of the Gadouras dam pipelines and water mains to the city of Rhodes


Project description


  • Design of the water mains conveying water from the Gadouras dam to the city of Rhodes.
  • Design services for the full aspect necessary to proceed with construction bidding:
    • Preliminary design
    • Final Design
    • Tender documents
    • Health and Safety
    • Water Resources Management analysis
    • Operating framework and capacity building
  • Quality control.
  • EU funding assistance.


The project involves the extension of the existing pipeline to a wider area, covering potable water needs around the island, substituting weak underground resources.
The pipeline design extends to a total of 130km and includes numerous related infrastructure such as control tanks and devices and pumping stations.

The future water needs of Rhodes will be covered by Gadouras dam and reservoir. This project covers the final design stage of all the water mains and other structures necessary, from the reservoir to the regulating tanks of the water supply network of the city of Rhodes.
The works included:

  • Construction of a steel pipeline of diameters varying from Ø1300 to Ø800, with a total length of 50km, including an 800m tunnel
  • Construction of a maintenance access road
  • Design and selection of the necessary structures and regulating devices, ensuring smooth operation
  • Design and specification of the pipeline remote control system

Services: Consulting, Design
Design Stage: Final Design, Health & Safety Plans, Preliminary Design, Procurement, Tender Documents
Consulting Services: Technical
Expertise: Health & Safety Plans, Procurement, Project finance, Tender Documents, Water, Water Resources Management, Hydrology
Country: Greece
Region: Prefecture of Dodecanese, Rhodes island
Client: Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works
Services provided

  • External water supply system design from Gadouras dam to several settlements in Rhodes island
  • The services include the final design and tender documents for the extension of the Water Treatment Works in order to allow for the total of 26hm3 of treated water per year.
  • Water resources management analysis for the optimization of the Gadouras reservoir water intakes.

The analysis took into account the pipe extensions in different phases, additional water intakes from acquifers and irrigation demands.


For this project, a series of other investigation studies were carried out, such as feasibilty study, syrveying, hydrological study, geological mapping, geotechnical investigations, and environmental impact assessment (preliminary and final).
For the pipeline design, a series of modern IT tools were used, like roadway design CAD applications, hydraulic calculators and solvers, hydrology models. Custom software was also used, regarding hydraulic calculations and billing of quantities.

  • Existing data were reviewed  (studies, investigations etc)
  • Regular onsite visits and meetings with the client and experts were made
  • Experienced scientific staff was used.

Services current status: Completed


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