Project description


Scope of this project is the Xerias river training and the town of Korinthos flood protection.


Xerias river basin has an area of 174 km2 and extends from the town of Korinthos (North) to the Southern districts of the Korinthos Prefecture, at the frontier with Argolida. Xerias river flow is seasonal with intense fluctuations. The January 1997 storms caused serious disasters.
The works included:

  • Open and closed parts combination with composite concrete/steel sections, 1330m long.
  • For the other parts, environmental friendly materials are being proposed for the construction of longitudinal and transverse river bed and bank protection. These works protect the stream from erosion and are environmentally friendly. Total length of training works~6000 m.
  • Reconstruction of insufficient existing works is proposed. A 4m high, sediment constraint/trap dam made of gabions is also proposed.


Services: Design
Design Stage: Feasibility Study, Final Design, Preliminary Design, Procurement, Tender Documents
Expertise: Environmental, Hydrology, Procurement, Project finance, Project Management, Structural, Surveying, Water
Country: Greece
Region: Peloponnese, Korinthos Prefecture, town of Korinthos
Client: Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works
Services provided

  • surveying investigation,
  • hydrological study,
  • hydraulic modeling,
  • structural analysis,
  • feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis,
  • preliminary environmental impact assessment,
  • final environmental impact assessment and
  • a data sheet was composed, for the E.U. financing application.
  • Tender documents


The project implementation was carried out using modern IT facilities such as CAD and GIS applications, hydraulic modeling and structural design software. In house software was also developed as needed.

Services current status: Completed
Construction progress: Partially constructed

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