Gadouras dam. Water treatment and supply works in Rhodes island


Project description


  • Consulting services to the client for the bidding and construction supervision.
  • Tender Documents review and update.
  • Validation of submitted bills of quantities and contractor payments.
  • Quality control.
  • EU funding assistance


The project includes the Gadoura dam and appurtenant works construction, the water mains to the town of Rhodes (including a small tunnel), the water treatment plant construction.
The project will service the long-term region water supply needs.
The project is funded by National Sources and the E.U.

The dam height is 60m. The embankment dam is earthfill type with an impervious core and the reservoir capacity is ~65 hm3.
The water intake consists of a four level inclined tower at the right abutment which is connected to a D1300 pipe in the diversion-intake tunnel.
The spillway is situated in an adjacent saddle dam, 15 m high.
The water mains is 44 km long, with a maximum capacity of 1.55m3/sec.
The treatment plant has 60.000 m3/day capacity for phase A and 120.000 m3/day capacity for the final phase. It consists of energy dissipation headworks, coagulation unit, sludge blanket clarification unit, gravity filters, disinfection unit and storage tanks.

Services: Consulting

Consulting Services: Technical Management
Expertise: Dams and Reservoirs, Environmental, Procurement, Project finance, Project Management, Tender Documents, Water
Country: Greece
Region: Prefecture of Dodecanese, Rhodes island
Client: Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works / Hellenic Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks

Services provided

Co-ordination and representation of professional individuals and companies forming the Joint Venture for the technical and managerial provision services.
Multiple contracts required:

  • Dam and relevant works Studies validation - design conformity, determination of revision needs and approval
  • Implementation of Dam embankment stability analysis and settlement study implementation
  • Spillway stilling basin detailed design
  • Design of revised water intake structures
  • Evaluation of Water treatment plant studies, revisions
  • Water treatment plant construction supervision
  • health and safety coordination during construction and environmental quality assessment
  • Tender documents preparation for the remaining Dam and relevant works
  • Tender Documents review and update for the water pipeline
  • Specifications and evaluation of Water Regulating authority study– Phase A
  • Pipeline and water tanks construction supervision
  • Water quality analysis assessment
  • Consulting services to the client for the bidding and construction supervision
  • Validation of submitted bills of quantities and contractor payments
  • Quality control.
  • EU funding assistance


The technical and management consultant provision of services included:

  • Resident engineers. Specialized staff was assigned on site
  • Existing data were reviewed (studies, investigations etc.)
  • Regular onsite visits and meetings with the client and experts were made
  • Experienced scientific staff

Services current status: Completed
Construction progress: Under construction

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