Study ot the water supply network and technical consultant for assisting DEYAMV in modernisation, zone separation and automatization of the water network of Volos region


Project description


  • Technical Consultant for assisting DEYAMV in updating current Hydaulic data and in Zone Separation of the Municipal Water Network, in the area of the City of Volos.
  • Pipeline and network design for the water supply of the city of Volos and its suburbs.
  • Revision of the final study of the Volos water supply network.


  • Consultant for assisting DEYAMV in the assesment of current water supply situation, water network zoning and calculations, water network separation in water losses control zones (District Metered Areas – DMAs). Control stations determination. Master Plan of proposed works.
  • The computational magnitude of the network is major and includes:
    • The lower zone with 11161 links and 7502 nodes
    • Middle zone Μ1 with 2250 links and 1479 nodes
    • Middle zone Μ2 with 102 links and 69 nodes
    • Hgher zone with 235 links and 153 nodes
  • Both uniform and separated zone distribution network calculations were made
  • The project includes a circumferential distribution water mains for the regulation of the tanks’ supply and the ability for two-way water flow.
  • The network supply will be achieved by use of 13 tanks (9 existing and 4 proposed)
  • The network length exceeds 500 km
  • The projected served population will be 120,000 people

The revision concerned the pipe material, slight alteration of the pressure zones and details regarding the operational structure of the network, in order to facilitate water leak detection efforts.
The design specification require the implementation of proper measuring gauges and control devices, intended for the central SCADA automated network management and the facilitation of leakage detection.


Services: Design
Design Stage: Final Design, Procurement, Tender Documents
Expertise: Procurement, Project Management, Tender Documents, Water, Geographical Information Systems,
Country: Greece
Region: Thessaly, Magnisia Prefecture, Volos city
Client: Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage of Volos
Services provided: Water Supply Network  Final Design


For the project implementation existing data were reviewed (studies etc) and existing networks were considered. Modern design GIS applications and network design models were used. Within the study framework, specifications were edited for the preparation and application of an advanced operation and simulation system in real time and multiple platform environment. It is the first water supply study in Greece where such modern techniques were used. The study design was conducted based on a prepared digital model, which accelerated the calculations and made possible the multiple operation scenario examination.

 The network geodatabase will be used by the client for the future implementation of the SCADA control system (as described in the project specifications).

Services current status: Completed


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